Vivapet Outdoor Pen Review – keep your piggies safe

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Product: Vivapet 55 inch Octagon Pen                                                                                                                         with Sun Protection Cover plus Base


Please note for anybody in the USA, this product is not available for purchase, but there are other similar ones to this. 

Now your guinea pigs, if your able will absolutely love to go outside and munch on that yummy grass. This playpen set up is a great way of keeping them safe in the garden. But obviously you can also use it inside for their playtime, using the nylon base which does have velcro tabs to attach onto the bottom of the fences. I recommend that you have other absorbable materials on top of the base as the guinea pigs will be walking through their wee and poops making a bit of a mess, also they will nibble at the plastic. I use incontinence pads, towels and fleece liners as layers on mine inside, works perfectly.

The playpen is what I use on a daily basis and it opens up to be a good overall size using all panels and can be put up quite quickly. It can also be stored away easily in a downstairs cupboard or a garden shed for example. Included is eight metal fences measuring 60 cm length and 60cm height that connect together with sliding poles and you can create different shaped areas, whether that is big or small. The weight of individual panels is quite light and carrying them all together is not majorly heavy, but do not let a small children do this. I have to say that there is not any rusting on any of the metal items as they have a protective coating that is not toxic. Water bottles with the metal wiring can be hooked up simply. If you want to access them from the side without pulling up the protection cover or reaching down over, there is a panel with a little door that you open and close with a catch. To be honest I never use this but it might be handy to have, you tend to find the guinea pigs will possibly run away from the outstretched hand and then you can’t get through or reach them using the door.

The protection cover has clips that connect onto the fences and will protect them from any potential predators if they may venture near the playpen and offers some shelter from a little drizzle, also some shade from the sun. If it is raining, the guinea pigs should be brought back inside. It is a great price for this product and does the job effectively of giving them time out from their homes. For the price you will get everything included to have your perfect playtime set up.

My Conclusion

I love this playpen as it keeps your pets safe, is easy to clean and quick to put up and back down again. The price is good for what you get. It will last a long time as it has been made with care and quality materials. Can be modified to change it’s size. I say one of the best playpens on the market and your friends will love for you getting this for them.


Safety: 10 out of 10

Purpose: 10 out of 10

Value for money: 10 out of 10

Time taken for assembly: 10 out of 10

Overall rating: No need for improvement, so it gets a 10 out of 10.

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  1. Hello Eden,

    My friend is really into Guinea pigs however, for now he is just into it and does not have any at the moment. Once he gets one hopefully next week or so I will get him a vivapet as a gift to get going)). Great article.

    1. Hi, great that your friend is hopefully getting a couple of guinea pigs next week. The vivapet pen is a brilliant item to get. Thank you for your comment.

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