Toilet training guinea pigs

Guinea pig in tray
Photo by Jolly-Sunshine on Pixabay

A lot of hard work and time might be required to get guinea pigs to use a litter tray. You must be consistent and reward them with treats when they have used the toilet. There could be stray poops and wees out of the area, but if it works successfully, then it will keep their home a little tidier.

5 steps to toilet training

  1. Place a plastic toilet corner or tray that has a low opening so its easy for them to get into. Put it into a corner or where they go to the toilet the most. Layer with straw, hay, puppy pads/fleece or paper based bedding. Put a cover over the top or in a dark area, which encourages them to go into them.
  2. Place down veggies leading towards the toilet or give to them once they have gone to the toilet. They are then learning each time they do this, a treat will be given. This is a normal method for many pets when training them to do something.
  3. Put a bit of bedding that already has a bit of urine on and poops in, into the toilet. So they can get used to it being there.
  4. Remember to clean out and not leave it dirty for too long.
  5. Be very patient and don’t shout at them if it’s not working.

In my case it is hard to use a tray, as I have got a hutch and I have a few concerns about using them. The trouble is that there needs to be more than one spotted about, as two guinea pigs may not fit into one and will use other corners to go to the toilet. Not easy to place them in a hutch, because of the layout. Also, if they do actually use them often, is that you will be getting up constantly to clean out and they are walking or standing where they have been, when you are not cleaning out. This isn’t great hygiene and also it is a possibility that they could lie down in them, which I have seen rabbits do in pet shops. Guinea pigs do go to the toilet a lot, just in a space of three hours, it builds up. So there needs to be enough material in a tray to soak up the urine, so you only have to clean out once or twice before they can come out into their playpen.

The positives are it will keep the rest of the area cleaner and not as hard work to clean up. My guinea pigs do actually use specific areas in the hutch more, as they are darker. It works for me, how I have it, without any trays. But you may find it more beneficial for your cage set up.

The best place to try the toilet training is candc cages, as they have one continuous spacious area and if I had this, I would try them to see how good they are at working. You could use a box or place in a dark corner and this may do the trick. Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking it, as quite a few people have had success with this, but it does take time and effort. Guinea pigs are smart and either pick it up quickly or slowly in using a toilet, but it does depend on the type of home they have got, in terms of space.

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