Teaching a guinea pig tricks

Guinea pig on its backIt can be a great thing when you can train up a guinea pig to do tricks. Not all will want to do tricks, but the tamer ones will be more interested and get less stressed. It can be a brilliant and fun exercise to do with guinea pigs, for example getting them to jump over a little bar. How high can you go and how low can you go 🙂

They are smart creatures and will pick up things after repeating the process. Challenging their minds is great for mental stimulation. Just because some do not want to do any tricks, doesn’t mean that they still can’t be challenged, give them some puzzle toys, like some veg in a ball that has to be opened up.

How to teach them tricks?

It takes time and patience to get a guinea pig to do a trick. Giving them their vegetables is great at earning their trust, but also at enticing them to do a trick. That might be going over an object, through and under it. Speak with a positive voice if they complete the challenge, they will recognise and remember this every time. Give them time to get used to the object, so they can sniff and seek out that it isn’t dangerous.

Learning is a step by step process when it comes to training a guinea pig to do a trick. If you attempt to do it all in one go, it won’t work. Its less stressful and a better way of learning for them and more enjoyable for yourself. Do not lose your temper, just calmly try again, if it doesn’t work, then it’s not for them.

Teach from a young age at around 8 months old if you can, teaching them older can be achieved, but it may take longer. Once the guinea pig starts doing the tricks with food treats, replace with a stroke and praise, to avoid them getting overweight with treats. There are many tricks that you can try.

What could they do?Challenge the guinea pig mind

  • Tunnels
  • Jumping through rings
  • Jumping over rope
  • Going through a little maze
  • Finding items
  • Getting to the food – Like under plastic cups can be great fun for them

A couple of simple tricks

Stand up

Slowly hold the food in front of it’s mouth and raise upwards. Once it stands slightly give a little reward and in the end you can give all the treat, when it can stand straight up. Remember to say stand or any positive word, so it fully stands. You can only say that it can do the trick, when it reacts to the word with treat.

Do the anti clockwise turn

Move the food along the floor in a circle, using the word at each step to give encouragement. Finally, give the rest of the treat before it completes the full circle. The key is to only reward, when it completes more of the circle. Once it can do it a few times, try without any treat and just guiding through with your hand.

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Sources: https://www.allguineapig.com/guinea-pig-agility-training/


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  1. How adorable to get guinea pigs doing tricks! My niece has two of them, I wonder if they would be interested in learning some. They do like getting veggies, so they might be motivated. How long does it usually take per day, and how often should you practice for them to really get the trick down?

    1. Your niece could try and maybe the guinea pigs might do some tricks. It depends on each guinea pig, but you could spend half an hour a day. The key is not to tire them out too much, but by training in steps every day, it will become a good routine. It may take up to a month for them to fully learn the trick, but it could vary. 

  2. Wow I never thought it was possible to train a guinea pig to do a trick. I’m really impressed by your site and how much you know about this topic. I should imagine you need real dedication and a lot of patience to do this. Thanks for sharing and I’m sure guinea pig owners will love this site. Kenny

  3. This…is adorable. My little cousin has a guinea pig and I’m pretty sure she never even thought they could learn to do any tricks. I’m gonna need to get her to check this out. Getting it to stand sounds like a nice starter trick for her to begin with. I personally can’t even get a dog to sit, so seeing a guinea pig work it’s way through mazes and jump ropes would blow my mind!

  4. Thanks for a great post. I am 62 years young and I have never thought of teaching a guinea pig to do tricks although the more I think of it the more it makes sense. I just may have to get my nieces and nephews a guinea pig for their birthdays. I can imagine their delight when their pet can go through tunnels or jump over a string. Thanks for a great gift idea and now they can go to your website to learn many new things

    1. Your nieces and nephews would love them as a present, remember to always buy them in pairs as one will get lonely. There is so much that you can learn about guinea pigs, they are a great pet to have. You just need the finances and time look after them. They pick up things fairly quickly.

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