Rosewood Beehive Bed Review

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Product: Rosewood Snuggles 2-In-1 Carrot Beehive Snuggle Bed

Product dimensions: 35 x 33 x 26 cm



So today I am reviewing another product by Rosewood. I have recently purchased this for my guinea pigs and have not been disappointed with my decision in getting this. It has got two uses, where it can be a hooded house or comfy bed, that’s what is great about this product. The outside has carrots printed on, which look fantastic and certainly fits with guinea pigs, as they love eating them. Inside has a plush lining, which insulates well as making it cool. You can use it either inside in their home or out in the garden playpen, when it’s the warmer weather.

What I also like about this, that it is nice and solid. So it will stay up on it’s own and is easy to carry two guinea pigs from one place to another. This actually fits quite comfortably two piggies inside and could fit in a third at a push. Quite easy to clean with the material that is used, using baby wipes or wet cloth. What you can’t do is put it into a washing machine, it has to be washed with cold water. The pad inside is removable for ease of cleaning.

A recap on it’s good and bad points


the pros
Photo from on Pexels
  • Looks really cool and unique
  • Well made
  • Quite easy to clean
  • Good space inside for the guinea pigs
  • Removable pad
  • Well priced when I purchased
  • Nicely insulated and also allows for it to be cool inside


  • The removable pad needs a bit of cleaning to get rid of marks that can stain
  • The opening is higher than others for guinea pigs to get over into the entrance
  • No other patterns and colours to choose from

When items like this don’t need washing, you want something that will be easy to clean. Some other fleece items, because of the fluffiness can be harder work to clean with baby wipes. So it’s nice that because of the material it is easier to keep cleaner. A good cold wash will make it nice and clean, after they’ve used it for many hours, as it will be a bit smelly after they have weed a lot inside.

My guinea pigs are still getting used to this being in their hutch and are starting to use it more. I do use this as a transporter, to take them into their playpen and it does the job well. Although the opening is high, it does give them a bit of exercise by slightly jumping or hopping inside. It’s a comfortable and safe place for guinea pigs to be in, as it’s something that is vital and important for them.

This product has only been out on the market for a few months. It would really be even better if there were more pattern designs and colours to choose from. Another premium item that has been produced by them. This would be a brilliant addition to any guinea pigs home.

Look out for more products like this, that I will be reviewing in the future, as I love them so much.


How it looks: 10 out of 10

Guinea pig use: 9.5 out of 10

Price: 9.5 out of 10

Star ratings
By Pattern Pictures on Pixabay

Easiness of cleaning: 9 out of 10

Overall: 9.5 out of 10

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  1. Eden, very informative blog post today about the guinea pig bed. It seems like all they want is food though! Do you put food inside them to get them in there? I’m sure that’ll attract them!

    1. Thank you Evan. They do like their food :), but no I don’t put any food inside the bed for them. They will hop in and have started using it more now, as I use it everyday to transport them out of the hutch, they know that they are going to be going in there. Also have placed it into the playpen where they started using it more and then they begin to in the hutch. Just a case of getting used to it being there in place of the old hidey.

  2. Very informative website! I had the same luck as you did with Goldfish so I’m considering a guinea pig. Your site contains a lot of very useful information. It really is important for for anyone interested in getting a guinea pig. I think I will need some of the items you covered and you just saved me a lot of time (and money)! Thanks

  3. Hey Eden,

    I have two kittens, but I had no idea that they made these kinds of beds for guinea pigs as well. Looks cute and comfy, but I can see what you mean about the entrance being a large lip for a guinea pig to get over.

    I just researched an article on kitty litter and I found that a number of people use natural cat litters with their guinea pigs as well. Maybe something you can delve into more on your site. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello, kittens are adorable. Yes its a bit of a lip to get over for them in the entrance, but mine are starting to get used to it and are going over it a bit more comfortably now. But it still is a little negative.

      I have read about people using natural cat litter for their guinea pigs. Yes this is something I can delve into more. Many thanks

  4. Oh my goodness what a cute bed! I didn’t know you could buy fancy guinea pig beds. Too bad it doesn’t come in other colors or prints. It looks very comfortable but would be even better if it were machine washable. I don’t think I’d feel like washing it by hand. 

    1. Guinea pigs love beds 🙂 Its a shame that it doesn’t come in other colours or prints, like some other ones do. It is a well made product. 

  5. I love that we can get guineapig beds! I would love a guineapig so I could pick a cute little bed for it. These are adorable. Do you have a guineapig? Does it have a bed? How would we clean this bed? Just In the washing machine? As you said its easy to clean which is great. 

    1. I have four guinea pigs and I use two different beds. One likes going underneath it, as well as lying on top. Although with the beehive bed, I currently use it as a house, because it makes a great hiding place for them and I use it to transport two guinea pigs from the hutch to the playpen. 

      To clean the bed, you wash it with cold water and then wring it out and leave to dry for a day. Unfortunately because of how big it is and the materials, its not machine washable. But its easy to clean by hand and using a dry cloth. You can wash it outside under an outside tap or in a decent sized sink.

  6. Wow, this is very interesting. I’ve never owned a guinea pig before but I imagine it is quite fun to have one. 

    I’m just curious though. You said guinea pigs like to eat carrots and the beehive bed also has carrots. Does it ever get fun just watching the guinea pig try to eat the carrots in the snuggle bed? Haha, not sure if they know it’s carrot by its smell or just by looking at it, but I thought this was so funny! 

    1. I love that it has carrots on the exterior, but no they wouldn’t really be able make out them very well, because of their limited eyesight. Unfortunately the material covered by images of carrots, don’t smell of them, but it would be cool though 🙂 They use their sense of smell for food, more than eyesight. 

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