Pettex Hay (Product Review)

Product: Pettex Extra Large Compressed Hay

Weight of hay: 4kg



Pettex hay comes in a large compressed bag that will last your guinea pigs a good length of time. It comes from lovely Devon, UK and is picked from old fashioned meadow fields, where there can be the odd thorn/nettle in a bag.

Meadow hay is great for them to burrow into and just like timothy hay, is still nutritionally high in terms of fibre. It is a much softer hay and needs to be fed as a part of a balanced diet, although timothy needs to be fed the most.

What’s good about Pettex?

I tend to find that there isn’t a lot of big twigs and thorns in a bag, which can be a pain to keep removing all of the time. But this is part of nature and there is no guarantee any hay can be completelty rid of these, depending on how much they are checked and sorted, when taken from the fields. As with a lot of hays on the market today, it is dust extracted.

The hay is not bunched tightly in a bag, which can be really annoying to pull out, it does help being meadow hay though. The smell is just an oaky smell and there can be a slight greasy feel to the hay, but this is nothing to worry about, probably from the field its been picked from.

Pros and cons 


  • Long lasting
  • Nice appearance
  • Dust extracted
  • Soft hay, great for bedding
  • Good fibre amount at 30 per cent


  • Slight tangy smell, but does not affect the guinea pigs
  • Can have a greasy feel – (not completely sure why it is like this), again does not affect the guinea pigs

RATINGStar rating man

7.5 out of 10







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