Pets at Home Rose Cottage Hutch Review

Product: Rose Cottage Hutch for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

No longer available on Pets at Home website. Please take a look at the one below. 

Size: Double tier hutch measuring (H122 x W152 x D61cm)       

Only available in the UK

I use my hutch inside, so I can’t comment what it’s like outside. It has plenty of space for your little guinea pigs and has a removable tray upstairs fitted with plastic to really be able to give the hutch a complete clean. There are four doors altogether with metal catches which can be stiff to open and close, but at least they are strong and secure. It is a well made hutch with good quality wood and the instructions are quite easy to understand on how to put it together.

There are rubber feet protecting the wooden legs and this makes it easier to move about without lifting the whole hutch, depending on the surface. The tray can be easily moved out with two slotted handles inside the wood. With this hutch I like that there are the strong wires that fit the windows of the hutch, it’s easy to hang up the water bottles. Upstairs there is the darkest area where the guinea pigs can sleep and hide away from any noises, with a complete wooden door.

The thing that is a bit annoying, is where the wires filling the windows fixed from the wood, the gaps show and hay falls down in these combined with little hairs, meaning it is not easy to clean them out. It would have been good if they had wood covering over.

There are two major problems and they are the ramp is just a wooden one that has a wall on the other side. This is dangerous for guinea pigs as they need more grip instead of the wooden steps. This is why there needs to be a ramp with green felt, you may be able to order online somewhere or ask a local pet store to order one from the supplier. Perhaps making one up with buying the supplies. The other problem is that there is no walling to stop the guinea pigs from possibly falling down from the upstairs area, so I bought a small sheet of plywood and then measured and cut to fit the gaps.

So there is some work to do on top to make this hutch more friendly for guinea pigs to use, but it is a nice hutch. It is a question of whether you want to buy something that already have these included. It is a shame that these weren’t thought of when it was manufactured.

Pros and Cons 🙂


  • Well made
  • Instructions are quite clear to understand
  • Rubber feet
  • A spacious 5 by 2 foot double tier hutch
  • Easy to clean


  • Will need a bit of DIY done with installing a felt ramp and walling upstairs
  • Hay falls into the gaps where the wires are fixed from the wood

I really would recommend covering the whole hutch with a sheet of tarpaulin or a plastic cover to protect it in wet weather, otherwise it will wear and possibly leak in rain. Although wood is good at insulating, there still needs to be enough other materials, if the guinea pigs have to be kept outside when it’s a bit colder, but when it’s too cold, they must come inside or a garden shed for example.

If you are in a situation where you can keep your guinea pigs inside and using a hutch would suit which ever room you will have them in, then this is ideal, bar the extra work needing to be done. It has amples of space and the more important part is you are able to easily access all areas of the hutch to be able to place inside hay and bedding as well as cleaning out.

If using the hutch inside, place it on a Lino or tiled flooring like mine is on. The hay will take more effort to clean off a carpet and then you will have poops maybe falling out from the hutch and marks from cleaning and they can spray out quite far leaving marks outside, which is a warning to another guinea pig to stop annoying it. A smoother flooring will work better with hutches, as it is much easier to clean up.


Quality         10 out of 10

Size         10 out of 10

Practicality       7 out of 10

Overall           8.5 out of 10

Thank you for reading my review, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible.

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8 comments found

  1. I really like the look of the Pets at Home Rose Cottage Hutch.  I like how spacious it is and that it has rubber feet to protect your floors, and to make it easier to move.  The removable plastic tray is a big plus too, for easy clean up.  The solid wood door is a nice touch to allow the guinea pigs some privacy and darkness for sleeping.  Buying green felt to put down on a ramp seems easy enough to do, to make it safer.  Overall I think the pros of this hutch far outweigh the cons.  Thanks for sharing your honest review.

    1. Hello Jenny, 

      It is a really good hutch and I have now had mine for nearly 2 and a half years inside the house. 

      Thank you


  2. The Rose Cottage Hutch is five star fabulous. I really like how simple and smooth it looks. It is so amazing how you hooked it up so that the pros could outweigh the cons because if it wasn’t for the grip green felt and the extra ramp, plywood installed, it wouldn’t be as safe. Thanks so much for a step by step review.

    1. Hello Kira,

      It’s great that you like the look of the hutch. As you say, safety is the number one priority for the lovely guinea pigs.

      Thank you


  3. Seems a hard wearing hutch if your guinea pigs have lived in for two and a half years. I like the layout and spacious it is plus how easy it is to clean out. Putting felt on the stairs doesn’t seem like a major job either. Looks to me to be a good choice of hutch if you have more than one guinea pig. Thanks for your review here.

    1. Hello Dianne,

      Hopefully the hutch should be able to last many more years to come. The space is good for a pair of guinea pigs, it marks well for having that important space.

      Thank you


  4. This looks like a real good setup for keeping guinea pigs indoors. 

    It looks like it would be too weak for outside, if you are in a rural area and close to woods where wild animals could come up near it. Near my house would not work because of the access to the National Forest Park is at my back fence.

    I like the thought and care that you put into making this safe for your guinea pigs and it looks like a very good investment for someone with guinea pigs to purchase for indoors. 

    1. Hello Chad,

      I think like you said when you are living near to a national forest park, then it is very risky to have guinea pigs outside. Definitely would not be strong enough in that situation. 

      If a hutch suits someones needs for it to be inside, then this does work well. It could work well outside, but I can’t say, but having a plastic cover to protect from rain would help. 

      Thank you


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