No more using animals for product testing! (includes guinea pigs)

Lab testsIt has to be stopped!

This is an important issue that I just had to do an article on, after seeing about this on the internet not that long ago. Millions of animals in the UK get tested on every year and the figure for 2017, was a huge number of 3.79 million. Overall it was a drop of 4 per cent from 2016, but we want to see it down to zero as soon as possible. Its heartbreaking that this still happens and they are not even given any pain relief and just generally it’s a painful existence for them. I am a member of PETA and receive documentation about the campaigning to stop suffering with different animals and stopping product testing is an important issue for them.

Its something that I want to be stopped and I am sure you do to. Its said that there are better ways without using animals including guinea pigs to do product testing. I just can’t fathom out why these companies are still doing these practices, just shocking. They are well known brands that are included. The only way to send a strong message is by not purchasing any of the brands that use the practices and instead buy products that don’t use these cruel procedures.

Using guinea pigs as an example, there were over 22,000 experiments conducted on them. Horrible defects are present in Conducting teststhe animals like mice. The issues can be deafness, blindness and heart problems are just a few to name. Imagine if this were being done on humans, it would be unheard of. So why should it be done on innocent animals. Its terrible that a lot of them being used, are actually loved pets of ours like dogs and cats.

As quoted by cruelty free international, the UK is at the top of the list in the European Union with the most animals being used for testing. Its also said that when we leave the EU, that even more experiments could be conducted. There is still a lot to do, to reduce the figure of 3.79 million. A big number (1.86 million) of this amount was only done, on the intrigues of university researchers wanting to know what will happen. Acute lethal toxicity tests as you can see on the cruelty free international website did over 10,000 tests in 2017.

If you feel that you really want to make a difference, like I said earlier in the article. Then look up on Google companies that do not use animal testing for their products. Lets all work together to take a stand against it. It seems like a lot of the tests are not really necessary and have no benefits, especially when it’s greatly harming so many animals.

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  1. I just love you for writing this article.
    I recall using Jason products back when this type of awareness wasn’t even being spoken of. But, had just stumbled upon the Jason (no animal testing) product and from then I just really never expanded my use of cosmetics much. But, when I need to buy, I prefer those not tested on — not used to torture animals.

    People say we are top of the food chain and can do whatever we want. Not really. We created this food chain. It’s just another of our self-elevated creations that so skewed it further makes us humans are really that awesome.

    Let one of us stand in the jungle alone without bow and arrow or any other weapon. We’ll quickly see we are at the bottom of the food chain.

    Raising animals in captivity and torturing them to death or trashing them live after inflicting irreparable harm then proudly considering ourselves top of the food chain is pathetic.

    1. Hello Tina, It was just something that I had to cover myself. We should all try and strive to use products that haven’t had animal testing. I agree with you and it needs to be stopped. There has been a reduction as I say in the UK, but we are still at the top of all the European countries.

  2. Hi Eden…I completely agree, the horrible pain and suffering being imposed on these harmless animals hs got to stop.
    These are the same animals that assist the disabled, visit the aged in elder care facilities, and are companion animals to both young and old people. No attempt is even made to help them be more comfortable during these procedures.
    Thanks for shouting out to make people aware so they can take a stand against this problem.

    1. Hello Kyle, you are right the animals help us in so many ways and yet cruel testing is done on them. Not even as you say to make them feel comfortable. Its very upsetting what they have to go through, but we can make a strong stand against it all.

  3. OMG! How ignorant am I! I thought that brutal practice on animals was long gone! We are in the 21st century for goodness sake! Technology is abundant and they are still using caveman ways! Grrrr…
    Thank you for sharing this information. I will definitely be sharing this.
    All the best on your mission to stop this cruelty!
    You are appreciated 🙂

  4. You would think in this day and age they wouldn’t need to use innocent animals and make them suffer. Surely by now they should know what ingredients are harmful and which are not with all the testing that has gone on in the past.

    I am not vegan but I always try to only buy products not tested on animals. If everyone took this stance companies would be forced to discontinue this barbaric practice. 

    1. We all wish that they could just stop animal testing, it is unnecessary and of no benefit. It is incredibly cruel that they have to go through torturous practices. By us all taking a stand against it, the companies for sure would be listening more then.  

  5. You have raised a very important issue.

    I completely agree that animals shouldn’t be used for any kind of product testing.

    I always try to buy Cruelty-free products – that is my main reason for choosing the products that I do choose.

    The Cosmetic Industry has historically been one of the worst offenders, although from what I have seen, this situation is beginning to improve. There can be no possible excuse for testing those or any other products on animals.

    Thank you for doing your bit to raise the profile of this scandalous practice.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. I just had to highlight this topic, thankfully it is slowly beginning to improve, but there needs to be a lot more done. It is great that you are buying cruelty free products. 

      Thank you Chrissie 

  6. I’m curious as to the ways you mention that are better for testing new products. My understanding is that animal testing is the phase of research done before human trials. Are there other ways to test new products and drugs and not increase risk for those who participate in the human trials?

    1. Good question, I have included a link to this article that explains alternatives to animal testing. There are no risks to humans and a way as one example from the article is that scientists can grow human and animals cells in the laboratory. 

      Alternatives to animal testing

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