Introducing my guinea pigs

Sophie                                                                          Photo by Eden Kaye                                              

Here is Sophie, she is a golden brown agouti. Two years and four months of age and got her two years ago. She likes hogging the cosy to sleep in from the others. Leader of the pack and confident to. I like to say she reminds me of a teddy bear because of her colour. 





Charlotte                                                          Photo by Eden Kaye


I got Charlotte with Sophie from a pet store called Pets Corner. She is the same age and is golden, white and brown smooth haired agouti. Can be a bit temperamental at times but a lovely guinea pig and I named her after Princess Charlotte. 




Butterscotch                                                   Photo by Eden Kaye

Butterscotch is one year and eight months old and got her and Poppy eighteen months ago. A feisty ginger and is really confident. Loves being stroked and purrs more than the others do. Likes picking on Poppy who lives with her in the hutch but loves her really. 





Poppy                                                                  Photo by Eden Kaye

Poppy is black and ginger and is the same age as Butterscotch. Both of them were purchased from a local pet store. She is quite shy and gets upset if any of the others come close to her when she is lying down. Probably because she thinks they are going to squash her. If you don’t start stroking her slowly at first she can start jumping with her back legs. A lovely natured guinea pig with an innocent looking face.



So there are my four girls. If you want to watch videos on guinea pig care just subscribe to my youtube channel on this link right here:


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  1. Well talk about niche. I know more now about guinea pigs than I ever thought I would know in my whole life.

    I have always liked watching them on those treadmills, but then I thought it was some kind of torture like the Marine Corps boot camp did to me.

    I read your blog on the guinea pigs using my Android Galaxy Grand Prime cell phone. It came in very clear and I could enlarge it very easily and actually the blue type on the white background was an interesting twist on black on white background.

    I think I will try that on one of my next posts if I can figure out how to do it.

    I have been asking my wife, who do we know that has guinea pigs as a pet, because I know there is somebody who mentioned it to me a while back, that they had guinea pigs as pets. Their child was very upset because the guinea pig passed away and when I asked what had happened to it, the whole family just shrugged their shoulders, like we don’t know.

    I will remember who that was and get them this great information.

    1. I am pleased how you found my website and the information. It is sad when your pet dies, as you get so attached to them and rightly so. Especially with guinea pigs as each one of them are unique and they have great personalities with a big heart. Many thanks for your comment.

  2. Your babies are so cute. How did you decide on caring for guinea pigs? They look adorable. Does it feel like taking care of cats or dogs? I never knew they could get upset for anything.
    Thanks for sharing about your pets.

    1. Hello Ginao,

      I had guinea pigs when I was a child, but it didn’t work out then. I wanted to try again and they are lovely creatures. Have had cats before and not worked out either. Guinea pigs are different to cats and dogs to look after, because of guinea pigs needing hay all the time and cleaning takes longer because of them not roaming around a bigger area like cats or dogs do. Taking care of them can take time and finances, but they make lovely pets and you can really have a great bond with them. They are very humorous and intelligent creatures, that make a variety of different noises to communicate across what they want or how they feel, as well as using their bodies to display certain emotions.

      Thank you for stopping by.


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