Indoor guinea pig playpen (Different ideas)

Indoor guinea pig playpenIn the winter months and when the weather is not good enough, the guinea pigs will be inside or in a sheltered building, whilst you are cleaning out their home. A playpen needs to be secure where they have a safe place to be in. There needs to be a good amount of space, wherever you are able to have the playpen inside and where you are able to sit in with them for a bit of time. Their toiletry needs to be catered for with good bedding like fleece and towels. Somewhere for water bottles to hang up and has hay, hideys and a toy to keep them busy. There are a few set ups that you can have below.

Indoor guinea pig playpen set ups

My guinea pig playpen set up

This is my own set up and works really well. A plastic sheeting covers the carpet with two big incontinence pads on top, followed by two large towels and two fleece liners. The liners have the same material that are used in babies nappies, where the urine will soak into them, but not go straight through to the layers below like other ones do. But with four guinea pigs, some urine will still leak through. The liners are put into the washing machine after 3 days of use and the next set are used for 4 days. The towels are replaced once a week. Their urine doesn’t go through all the way to the incontinence pads, so these are still dry.

Then a metal fenced playpen on top with 8 fence panels attached together with metal sticks, very easy to set up and can be stored in a cupboard/garden shed. Inside I place a long pile of hay with a toy, bed with some hay in and three hideys.

Recap on the items you need for this set up

This set up is made as a c and c cage using choroplast sheets for the walls and floor, can be ordered in different colours which is cool. Cable ties are used to attach each wall together. It can be made up from different sized spaces from this website in the UK or this one in the USA.

This Midwest Cage also could be another option to use as a smaller playpen for a pair of guinea pigs.

Make or buy a wooden playpen

If space is not an issue, then how about going even more DIY and make up a wooden playpen. You will require quite a bit of wood and it will take time to construct it all up. There is the easier way and that is to buy one already made up, from a website like Etsy.

It’s about going for the set up that will suit your situation, especially how much space there is, in the room. As long as the guinea pigs have a good space available to them. It needs to be somewhere to stretch their legs and to be in there for at least 5 or more hours. Also when there are over 2 guinea pigs, the play area needs to be a bit bigger.

Thank you for reading this article, please feel free to leave me a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this article, I appreciate it in a big way. I have always wanted to get a pet guinea pig but I don’t know what needs to be done first, I think you just cleared the clouds over my head by making me understand how important space means to them and where to get a perfect cage for them. Thanks a lot.

    1. Getting the right cage for guinea pigs is really important and then like I have included in this article, to have a good playpen for them to go into. Some of these tiny cages that some pet shops sell are just cruel. 

      Thank you for stopping by.


  2. What a nice and powerful article you have posted. I have to confess that I did understand nothing about them like habitats, carrying, etc; I only like them from far away, because a neighbor of mine had one and he was very cute.

    The only big deal for me is the size of the cage; these cages look too long for my space in the home and I don’t want them to be in a small space that may make them unhappy. I am saying that because now after reading your article, I’m starting to consider to have one or two guinea pigs.

    Thank you very much to clarify some questions that I had and encourage me to adopt one of these beautiful creatures.

    Cheers to your success,


    1. If you are going to get guinea pigs purchase them in pairs, as one will be lonely on its own. They do need a good amount of space with their home and a playpen (like the pens in the article). For two guinea pigs, the recommended space is 4 by 2 feet. 

      They are beautiful creatures and mine bring me joy all the time. All the best.


  3. These are really great play pen ideas for our little guinea pig friends. One of my nephews has a couple of guinea pigs that are taking most of his time whenever he’s at home. I don’t know when he started to get interested in these cute little creatures but while his siblings are having fun with computer games and all, he’s having a good time playing with his pets.

    I see how happy he is taking care and playing with guinea pigs so I thought I’d surprise him with some toys. And I think a play pen would be perfect. And since I have no idea how to make one myself, I can always buy online. Between C&C cage and Midwest Cage, like that C&C is available in different colors. Anyway, I will be checking them out and hopefully Amazon has the color that I want.

    1. Your nephew and his guinea pigs will really appreciate the toys and playpen. The C&C and Midwest cages are good options for a playpen. 

      Best Wishes


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