How my love for Guinea Pigs started

Two sweet Guinea PigsWhen I was a child I had quite a few different pets like cats, a hamster and goldfish. One day I went with my parents to a garden centre that had a section where they sold pets. We came across some guinea pigs and my mother had them as a child. So two girls were purchased and at home they were kept in a wooden hutch in the back garden. My mum cleaned them out everyday before she took me to school and I would help with feeding them.

One day I went out early in the morning and saw two baby guinea pigs running about. I told my parents who thought I was joking, until they came outside and saw for themselves. Unfortunately the adult piggies were not getting along because of the babies. My mum decided it was not fair for them and that it was a lot of work involved, also the fact that we were sold a pregnant guinea pig, which mum was not happy about. So she phoned up the garden centre and demanded they collected the two guinea pigs, which they did. Thinking back now the babies could have been sold, but mum did not want to keep them all after that happening.

The breeder they used was at fault and in later years the same garden centre no longer sold small animals and now sell just goldfish.

In my young adult years, whilst I am still living at home, I decided in 2016 that I wanted a pet again. The fancy goldfish all died within 4 months, because the tank was not big enough and caring for them was a challenge. I had no problems in looking after my syrian hamster and so, then decided to get a couple of guinea pigs. My mum and my love for guinea pigs was always there. The first two were in a small hutch in the house and then I purchased a bigger one when the goldfish died. We fancied having two young guinea pigs, so today there are the four girls.


Thank you for reading this article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. If you are a guinea pig owner or have been in the past, I would love to know how your love of them came about.

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  1. I think these guinea pigs are adorable.  I do not personally have experience with guinea pigs, right now we have three bunnies, a cat and a dog. We have all had a little hamster in the past.  My older daughter has a pair of female guinea pigs, she really loves them.  I might consider getting guinea pigs one day.

  2. Hi Eden, what a great story of how your love for Guinea Pigs started.  I have never owned a Guinea Pig, or hamster, but always found them really cute and adorable.  You mention that you own 4 female guinea pigs, that’s great, do they all get along with each other?

    1. Thank you Jenny, yes all four of the female Guinea Pigs get along. They will sometimes have little squabbles which is normal, but they don’t go out of control. Two of the girls do get a lot of the time in their hutch tetchy, whilst I am preparing their veggies, they will chase around a little. Once I feed them it stops, its just their own characters and almost territorial trying to get to their food first. 

  3. What a nice story. I used to have Guinea pigs too when I was young and really loved them.

    (Not the way Peru-ans like them, they eat them lol) but to play with them and be friends.

    Today, I’m sure my daughter would love to have some but due to having some cats and dogs I think it’s not wise to buy Guinea Pigs too.

    I think it must have been heart breaking for you when your parents returned the baby pigs 🙁

    1. Yes the Guinea Pigs wouldn’t get on very well with the cats and dogs. It was frustrating when the Guinea Pigs went back, after only having them a few months and the babies were so cute. But when I got Guinea Pigs again a couple of years ago, I was determined to keep them until they go over the rainbow bridge. 

      Thank you Stefan

  4. I’m sure you love guinea pigs more than other pets, because you got them again instead of forgetting about them.

    I’m curious to hear more of your love for guinea pigs. I do not know why you love Guinea Pigs so much. What characteristic do these pets have over other pets? I’m sure they have something special and unique which other pets have.

    Thank you

    1. I think it’s what pet suits everyones lifestyles, it’s going to be different. But Guinea Pigs have a cute and funny personality. All pets whether that is a dog, cat or rabbit for example will have special and unique characteristics, so Guinea Pigs are no different to them. With a guinea pig you don’t have to walk them everyday, so that is going to appeal to some people, not wanting to go out in all weathers. 

      With cats they have free roam outside and sometimes there are cases of them being ran over or being intimidated by other cats. Obviously with Guinea Pigs you are in control and can see where they are, at all times, when in a playpen. So it is more about whether the pet fits what the owner wants. I do find though that Guinea Pigs won’t mind being stroked more or handled compared to a hamster, a hamster doesn’t like too much of that. Thank you for your question 

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