HayPigs Circus Hidey Hut Review

Product: HayPigs Circus Hidey Hut Small Animal Fleece Bed     

Sophie is in the circus
Photo by Eden Kaye

Measurements: 30x25x25cm


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This is a fun little hiding hut for guinea pigs. It can fit two adults inside and it really is a neat idea, from a company where their whole range of items that they do, is based on the circus. They have not been around for a long time, but I have been impressed by the quality of this product. It’s always great to see new and exciting products that have been made for guinea pigs and also this was designed in the UK. This hidey hut is just something a little different to what is currently on the market. It is made out of polar fleece and the inner filling is polyester fibre.

My guinea pigs love spending time in the hut, so they must find it very comfortable. It is machine washable, to be washed at a cold wash of 30 degrees and has the standard removable pad inside. The pad is something that is done in some others that are sold. It’s easy to take out and wash separately. Also, what is brilliant is another pad is included, so when one of them is in the wash or drying, you have got another back up one to place in. Just a simple thing like this really is appreciated by owners and even if you try to fit in a separate square fleece, it will be blocking up the entrance.

To soak up more urine, you could place both of the pads inside. Be prepared that they might go underneath the pad, so when you can, place it back again. I love how they have a yellow star on the top, in keeping with the circus theme.

Recap on good and bad points 🙂

Pros 🙂

  • Two removable pads                                                                              Cool guinea pig
  • Value for money when I purchased
  • Machine washable at 30
  • A creative product
  • Well made
  • Very comfortable and safe for guinea pigs
  • Can be squashed down to fit away for storage
  • Good amount of room for your piggies

Cons 🙁

  • Pads could be thicker, so you don’t to have to use two to soak up more urine

The quality of the product, means it will last for quite a long time for your guinea pigs to use. Although you throw it away anyway, there is a nice special touch added with a tag attached to the hut when first purchased. It has information in about washing etc and is displayed as if it is an entry ticket to the circus, which I think is another creative idea. It’s of no surprise to me that this product and the other items in the HayPigs range is included in major pet retailers in the UK.

If you want your guinea pigs to join the circus, purchase this hut, because its like they are in their own mini circus. It can be used to transport them from their playpen back to their home, which is always useful. A bit of advice if you have more than two piggies, get another hut, as they will all be trying to fit into one together.

Now for my ratings

Quality of product:    10 out of 10

Guinea pig use:     10 out of 10

Creativity of product:   10 out of 10

Overall Rating:                  10 out of 10

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment below if you like and I will reply back as soon as possible.

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  1. This review is so helpful. Been thinking of getting my niece one for her Shellie. I loved how you add value into the product! Definitely worth to try!

    1. Hello Cambell, yes its a nice little house and would be great for your polecat. Thats the good thing about it, is that it can be used by other small animals.

  2. Oh my God, they look so cute in their little Circus Hut, and like you said they seem very comfortable in it, they are available in other colors or just that one? I’ll really like a yellow and blue combination. Its so nice that they come with two pads for replacing when you have to wash it. It seems like an excellent product, thanks for this review!

    1. Its just this colour, but yes it would go well in a yellow and blue combination. The extra pad is very handy to have. Thank you Paola. 

  3. I’m coming across this hut for the first time, and just by looking at the pig inside the hut, it’s undoubtedly a comfortable hiding spot for pet guinea pigs.

    I also love the fact that it is easy to maintain. There are really tons of handy stuff online that can add some joy into your life. Thanks for sharing this great product. I enjoyed reading.

    1. The Guinea Pigs love snoozing and hiding in the hut, its just a great product for them. There is always a product for something and there are many that you can get for Guinea Pigs, so they can be spoilt 🙂 

  4. Hello Eden, 

    I must say that this was a fun article to read, and probably because I love guinea pigs and that my daughter started off with a couple and ended up with a whole village.

    This is quite a cute little ‘hiding place’ – I love it. I would purchase it in a heartbeat, however, I exchanged the guinea pigs for a little puppy – dear me and the cleaning up of all those little ‘brownish/black balls of old food’ took its toll on dear mother(me). My daughter was still young then.

    I do know another mother who has guinea pigs for her son, she will enjoy this article and I will pass it along. I know she will love the idea of the removable pads…great idea indeed.



    1. Once you get a couple of guinea pigs, you get tempted to get more, because they are so sweet. But yes you do need time to look after them, they poop a lot 🙂

      That is great, thank you Michelle 


  5. Eden, great review!  I have always loved guinea pigs, I bought my two children one when they were 3 and 5 years old and they loved that little guy for a long time.  I think they called him giddy pig.  Because he was always hiding.  This would be a great addition to his cage if they were around back then.  Now I have grandchildren, and sure enough, they have a guinea pig!  Are these available in the US?  Or are they strictly a UK product?  Thanks so much for the review of this guinea pig circus tent.

    Grandpa Steve

    1. Hello Steve

      Unfortunately the circus tent is a UK product, they do ship worldwide on their own website, but the cost is of postage would be $25. There is a fleece house that is a christmas reindeer themed one, its different to this one and is available in the US. Here is the link Christmas Reindeer House & Bed

      Thank you for stopping by

  6. Hi, The Hidey Hut looks cute. I like the colours. It is good to know that it is washable as you do not want to have anything smelly within the home. 

    The standard removable pad that is inside is a thoughtful idea by its manufactures, you won’t have to wash the hut all the time only the pad.

    If you place both pads inside at once to catch the urine you will be left with no pad at all. When washing, you should make a pair of pads for yourself with rubber at the base to prevent the urine from spilling out onto the floor.


    1. Hello Dorcas, 

      It depends on how long the guinea pigs are using it for, should be alright with just using one pad at a time. But yes if you did need or want to use both pads, then making a pad up is great. Even without a pad in, the urine will still soak into the thinner fleece base of the hut, without the urine spilling out. 

      Thank you 

  7. Thanks for the review.  A quick question, the colors look vibrant in the photo’s of the bed, how are they in real life.  My niece has a pretty colorful room where she keeps the guinea pig and would probably want it to be as bright and colorful as possible. 

    Also how stable is it? Will the top or sides collapse with a bit of pressure or if it gets wet, will it lose its shape for good?  Just looking for something fairly sturdy and reliable for her and hopefully this will fit the bill.  Thanks

    1. Hello Mike, 

      The circus is vibrant in real life with the red and yellow, it stands out. It also holds its shape very well even when two guinea pigs are inside. Because of how it’s made, it will keep its shape forever. My girls have been inside one for hours and the pad is very good at soaking up the urine. Usually it would take a guinea pig to be lying against it for the sides to go inwards, but even then it keeps its shape. I think these are brilliant, I have two of them. 

      Best wishes


  8. Now that’s what I call a cute guinea pig house.  My two nieces got a guinea pig this past summer and they would love to have this for their furry friend.  My sister is going to love it as well because, she’s always looking for different things to make the guinea pigs happy, and who can resist such a cute circus hut like this one.  Thanks for the great find.


    1. Hello Dora,

      I love this circus hut and so do the guinea pigs, use them most days. It was a fantastic idea to create something different like this. Your nieces guinea pigs will love joining the circus, in this hut 🙂 

      Many thanks 


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