Guinea Pig Sounds – I hear you!

                                       Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay

These adorable creatures make so many different and interesting sounds, that us humans might struggle to understand what they mean. They can be surprisingly loud sometimes being that they are small. The sounds that are made, are various emotions being displayed and although they have poor eyesight, they are blessed with extraordinary vocal capabilities. Wouldn’t it be good if we could speak their language, unfortunately this is not possible, unless your are super talented at making guinea pig sounds. Being able to know what they are communicating across, is very helpful and I am going to go through them in this article.

Teeth Chattering

This can indicate that they are getting annoyed in what a person is doing, this maybe stroking them too much or not leaving them be. Of course, they can also be getting annoyed with another guinea pig. They will soon stop once this sound is heard.


They will show their bare teeth in anger and as a sign of warning, to back off. This can be shown to humans or other guinea pigs.


Photo by Karlijn Plot on Unsplash

Simply a guinea pig exploring the environment in which it is in. A sign that they are content with what is going on around them.


One of the deeper sounds that are made. They will sway their body side to side whilst walking towards each other. This shows that dominating behaviour is playing out, trying to see who is the boss and being territorial. You will see them going right up to each other and even putting their head on top of the front of the others body.

Also can be a male trying to attract the attention of a female.


I can guarantee this is a good sign that their appetite is in perfect order. It means they can hear the fridge door being opened or the rustling of the plastic bag, that their food is coming. Even when it isn’t feeding time they will still try to edge their bets. But after a while of having them, they will soon realise what time their food is on its way to them. Wheeking is a very high pitched sound.


Photo by livianovakova10 on Pixabay

It is a wonderful experience as most guinea pigs love to be stroked. It is exactly the same to when a cat is purring.


A possible sign of pain from being hurt which will be slightly more aggravated than if it is a positive squeak. Popcorning is a movement that is made by jumping in the air twisting and turning, squeaking can be made in this instance.


It is very bad and unsettling sound to hear from your guinea pig, this means they are being attacked by another or in serious pain. Take them to the vets or place a towel over the guinea pigs fighting, to split it up.


It might startle you a little bit, I know it made me jump when I heard it, I was probably day dreaming. This indicates something has gone down the wrong way, it will rectify after a short period of time, so please do not worry.


After coughing, comes sneezing which can be caused from inhaling loads of hay dust etc.


This is something I heard with one of mine, near when I first got her. It is like a bird chirping, we do not know what the causes are. Some say its a sign of happiness and some say it is down to stress. Mine does no longer do chirping, apparently it is meant to be quite a rare sound, but there are people who have had this happen to them.


You will be sitting there with your furry friends, thinking what is this sound that they are now making. Well they are chatting amoungst themselves, maybe about the weather like us brits. It can be a continuous sound that will last for different periods of time. It is not as high pitched as squeaking but not a million miles away.


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  1. I never knew they made so many different sounds. I had one as a pet growing up and really enjoyed it. Thank you for the informative article.

  2. We had an adopted Chinchilla for 7 years, he just passed away earlier this year month short from reaching the ripe age of 20. I remember reading Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs are actually close relatives genetically and I can verify they share some communication too! Especially the teeth chattering for discontent and almost silent chirping when they are happy. I haven’t owned a guinea pig myself but been around many and their squeels can be hilariously loud when they are hungry and demanding food 🙂

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