Guinea pig play toys – placing hay inside?

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Guinea pigs don’t really play with a lot of toys generally speaking but some like to more than others. Nearly all will maybe play with the same selection of toys. They are great for mental stimulation, a bit of exercise and helps boredom. A few guinea pig play toys can have hay inside to make it more of a fun experience.

Hay rollers

First up is rollers that are a barrel shape and made out of wood, you can place a good amount of hay inside and the guinea pigs can roll it around all over the place. You probably need to stuff the right amount in so it’s not too easy for them where it all falls out. A pretty cheap toy that they can have a lot of fun with.

Photo by Meditations on Pixabay

Toilet rolls

Toilet rolls are always around at home and can be taken advantage with using to stuff hay in. They again are extremely cheap and do the job effectively.

Chill n chew mat

The Rosewood chill n chew mat will provide something for them to get their strong teeth on and eating hyacinth plus rattan. I have purchased this in the past myself and it has gone down well, they loved wripping off the natural edible materials. You might think well hang on a minute this isn’t a toy where they are running about with, which is a fair point but there is good stimulation here and will keep teeth worn down as well as exercising a bit to pull the materials. You can get on Amazon at the moment for less than £3. This will probably engage many guinea pigs in using as it is edible which of course they love and it measures 33cm by 24cm.

Rattle rollers

Cheap rattle rollers made of corn leaf and again you guessed it from popular brand Rosewood. Some guinea pigs love chew toys and throwing them around with their teeth. This will get them moving about just to chomp these down. I might look at getting these at some point and see if mine like them. There 16cm long with a 4cm diameter.

Willow wicker balls

Willow wicker balls are great for eating and chewing. They might play a bit of football with these. There is also a ball covered in small carrot pieces that pets at home do that includes hay inside and mine loved that, then once they have eaten all of what was provided just keep filling up again and again.

Photo by Livianovakova10 on Pixabay

Wooden bridges

Wooden bridges that can be bent into different shapes as it is connected together with wire. Great for them to walk under and over.


Tunnels that are made from fleece or hay can be used as shelters. They can run through and more than one can stay in at a time depending on the length of the tunnel.


Wooden castles are absolutely brilliant as they will run up the ramp to be higher up whilst eating some hay. Whilst the other is down below hiding away. Costs a bit more than other toys but will keep them entertained as there are many benefits to them.

Hang ups

Where they can be hanged on cage bars or anywhere else your able to or just leave on the floor. These can be chews or metal balls filled with tasty hay. Really gets them reaching for the stars and interested to see whats that thing hanging up there, but they can still be fine on the ground if your struggling to find somewhere to place them.

Ok lets sum up now 🙂

So there are just a few toys I have mentioned in this small list but there are others to look at on the internet. I think generally guinea pigs like something that they can chew, eat and hide in. You will have to try different ones until there is one that the particular piggie might like, I am sure there will be something to get them intrigued. Remember that you can make homemade toys that are just as good and combine them with some paid toys from the pet shop.





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  1. I did not even know that guinea pigs played. But it does make sense. We are looking at getting a guinea pig and have been researching information (I’m trying to talk the family into a different pet). But we stumbled on this website, and it seems they would make a very good pet! You have convinced me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, Eden!

    I had no idea caring for guinea pigs and seeing to their activity needs was so involved! At least many of the solutions you mentioned are very inexpensive, yet quite functional.

    When my kids were little, they once had a guinea pig, but I remember that we bought everything that they played with. I wish I knew about some of these options back then. I could have save a bit of money. Oh well…live and learn.

    I love the picture of the guinea pig in the basket. He seems to be thinking about what fun activity he can tackle next. Cute!

    Well, one thing for sure…I’ll never look at another guinea pig in quite the same way that I have in the past. You’ve given me something to think about.

    Thanks for the insights!


    1. Hi Joshua yes indeed there are some cheap alternatives for toys. There are many toys on the market today for them but I would say that chews are a favourite, but some guinea pigs will not be interested in a lot of toys. They are certainly inquisitive animals. All the best.

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