Guinea pig fleece snuggle sack review – come inside

Photo by Eden Kaye

Product: Fleece snuggle sack/cosy

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Note: this is not the product in the photo to the side, just a photo of my guinea pig in a different cosy. The link on the photo will take you to the product in question.

Fleece snuggle sacks are great for guinea pigs, they love hiding and sleeping in them. Even in a single one two of them can squeeze into, in mine I have had all four in amazingly. You can use the snuggle sack or the other name is cosy as a transporter from one place to another or to form a closer bond with your pet. They will feel safe and comfortable which as owners is a very important thing to know and likely spend a long time in them.

Many are sold at a good price and so handy to own. Measurements will vary as you can buy a single, double or even bigger for more guinea pigs to fit into. You can have various designs, for example on one that I have, it has vw camper vans on a blue background. There is also a fleece covering inside to soak up any urine. They will last a long time depending on the standard of how it was made, as it is a solid material. Some have an opening where it stays open and is called boning or is softer that the guinea pig will open up more.

I love how easy it is to use to pick them up as not all guinea pigs like being picked up, so this really is a life saver and you can have them whilst your sitting down on a sofa, with it on your chest or lap and talk to and stroke them. When you first get your guinea pigs, it takes time to be able to properly stroke them without them legging it away from you, so having one will maybe help build the trust up. They can be used in indoor and outdoor playpens as well as being used in their homes.

Cleaning instructions

They can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees celsius and if there is only a slight bit of mess like light urine patches, just use the good old baby wipes and that should keep it clean until the next use. Also, give them a good shake down to remove loose hairs.


I really do recommend purchasing a fleece snuggle sack as they will benefit not just the guinea pigs but you as owners. They are comforting and easy to clean as well as a great hiding and resting place for your furry critters. But purchase more than one as they could squabble over them.

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