Guinea Pig Cost – Adding it all up

Guinea pig treasure islandWhen you are thinking about guinea pigs, you may think how much is it all going to cost. There are two ways to look at it, that is start up and then recurring costs. You would be surprised to see how much it can add up to. I’m not trying to put you off, but as with any pet it takes a certain amount of finances to look after all their needs. I am including the average monthly costs of two guinea pigs over a period of a year, from my own costs. Give or take this could be the same amount for you, depending on what kind of items you buy. This will be in great british pounds, so use the google currency converter to convert into your currency.

Start up costs (2 guinea pigs)

  • Hutch – £120
  • Food bowls – £4
  • Food (Hay, veggies & nuggets) – £100
  • Bedding (Fleece) – £90       
  • Grooming – £6
  • Toys – £10
  • Hiding places – £25                                      
  • Small cat carrier – £25  pound notes
  • Cleaning supplies – £40
  • Playpen – £85
  • Water bottles – £6
  • Small pet scales (if needed) – £65
  • Towel – £5

Overall Costs £581

Monthly costs

Food (Hay, veggies & nuggets) – £60

Cleaning supplies – £5

Vets fees will vary, depending on if you need to go for nail trimmings and health checks and any emergencies. Always keep at least £300 by, just in case.

There may be new toys and hiding places that you may want to buy more of, or replacing old ones.

Overall annual costs as a rough estimate of £800

So there you have my costings, the most expensive overall will be food, especially hay. You can sometimes save money by making toys up for example, like a tunnel from cardboard. The start up items should last quite a long time, but you need to buy good quality products. Buying a hutch for inside or outside could last a decent amount of time. If for outside, you may want to buy a hutch cover for when its pouring with rain, for that extra protection.

I always do a search on google just to see if I can get the product that I need for cheaper, than where it was purchased from before. Buying in larger quantities, like big bags of hay can work out cheaper, if you have enough space to store it all. When talking about insurance, its up to you, but usually it costs a lot to insure guinea pigs, because of them coming under exotic animals. It will still probably work out cheaper just paying the vet bills and even for the expensive emergencies.

Now if you were to get fleece bedding, it does last a long time. But it may need replacing after a certain number of years, if its wearing away a bit. Comparing the costs with beddings, fleece might work out cheaper for you, read my article here about fleece bedding.

If you think that you can cope with how much it costs to look after guinea pigs, then they may be the pet for you. Remember they can live from 5 to 8 years on average and some can live past 8 years, so its an ongoing financial commitment.


Thank you for reading, if you like please leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible 🙂

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  1. Wow, thanks for pointing out how the little things can add up over time, but these little guys are well worth it. Funny how quickly any pet can become part of the family.

  2. I love pets. I have 5 dogs between my wife and I, a 180 Gallon salt water tank, and 5 bearded dragons. Almost forgot the three cats. We had guinea pigs before. Cute little buggers.

  3. Great review and it’s good how you break down the costs, I didn’t actually realise how much is required and needed to take proper care of Guinea pigs. Many thanks!

    1. Thank you Helen, this is a topic that I wanted to cover, just to give people an idea at how much it is to look after guinea pigs. I mean you don’t need to be a millionaire to look after guinea pigs, but its just making sure that anybody who wants to get guinea pigs, have the finances to do so for their lifetimes.

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