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The guinea pig castle
Photo by Eden Kaye

Product:   Guinea pig castle

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Purchase:   Etsy

Product measurements:   13 inches by 10 by 10

Please note this product is only available to purchase in the United Kingdom

When I purchased this product, I was looking for something that had a second level, where my guinea pigs would be interested by it and be good for exercising. So this fitted the bill, as it isn’t too big to fit into a playpen or their home. They just love hiding away and they can be queen of the castle by going upstairs. It’s a great area to place hay into and there is enough room below for three guinea pigs.

It is easy to clean, by either spraying with disinfectant or what I do is use my trusted baby wipes. A really well made product where the glue doesn’t show up to be messy and is safe for small animals. Good solid wood has been used and there is a nice ramp that attaches by two screws.

To be honest the major disadvantage is your guinea pigs may find it hard to go up the ramp. It just has the indented lines, this might be fine for rabbits but guinea pigs could struggle. So I just cut a bit of towel and stuck it onto the wood and under the screws, to give them more grip. It does get a bit stained and a little messy, but again I clean that with baby wipes, so it still stays hygienic and clean enough. Also in the future it can be replaced with a new bit of towel. I only use the castle in the winter times when they are in the playpen inside, so it doesn’t get really messed up.

There is a lovely archway downstairs for them to go into and upstairs there is high enough walling to be safe. A couple of my girls have actually pulled themselves up at the top of the ramp. The wood in areas had been sanded nicely and by looking at the castle, a caring approach has been used to make the whole construction. Two guinea pigs can just about squeeze upstairs, so its not the biggest size you can purchase of this, which this seller does do, but it actually fits a good number still.

So Let’s touch base on the good and bad points

Pros 🙂

  • Well made
  • Good price for what I paid at that time
  • Quite spacious for hay and guinea pigs
  • Provides a second floor
  • Detachable ramp

Cons 🙁

  • Needs more grip on the ramp

If you wanted to, you could place a fleece pad upstairs so the urine doesn’t go onto the wood, but make sure it won’t move around too much. Whatever you do just place something down because it will be quite noisy as they walk on the wood and also you could put some veggies and hay up there, to entice them to go up, if they are being very wary at first.

I think what could be improved with this, is to make the ramp a felted one, just so it makes it easier and comfortable for them to go up. This is an adjustment that is probably going to have to be made, if you buy this. Overall it is a great product for any guinea pig to use, that will give them somewhere to hide and eat hay. The second floor provides more enrichment and I love watching them whilst they are up there. It will give them strong legs just traveling up and down the ramp. So if you are looking for a product to get, purchase this and your guinea pigs will love you for it. Mine really like using this each time its in the playpen.

Ratings                               cartoon guinea pig

Build quality: 9.5 out of 10

Guinea pig use: 9.5 out of 10

Overall rating: 9.5 out of 10



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  1. I haven’t owned a guinea pig since I was a kid and my son has been bugging me for one for a while now. I, of course, want the animal to be comfortable and entertained so coming across this post was amazing! Looks like I will be buying a guinea pig and a castle haha

    1. The castle is something that guinea pigs will enjoy and it fits their needs in a few ways. They will be able to look down onto their empire haha. Thank you for stopping by and your son will definitely love having guinea pigs.

  2. Hi Eden, Nice post and a good product. What I liked was the changes you suggested to make for the comfort of the Guinea Pigs. You have put in Pro’s & Con’s for your customers to make an informed choice, which is great.

    1. Thank you for kind comments Rudolph, the changes would make it that little bit more comfortable for them. They would definitely appreciate it. I always like to put in the pros and cons for my product reviews.

  3. This can be a really cool present for my little brother. I was thinking of what to get for his birthday so I thought he loves spending time with his guinea pig and I should get something for his interest. I also like that it has a second floor and I hope my bro will love it too.

    1. This would be a great present for your brother and his guinea pigs. I am pleased that it has a second floor because it makes it more interesting for guinea pigs.

  4. This castle sounds like the perfect guinea pig version of a cat tower. It has multiple levels for playing and is big enough to house more than one pet. It also seems like it can provide some exercise with the ramps and being more than one floor. To solve the slipping problem on the ramps, could you put horizontal strips of hot glue to provide grip? I’m not sure if that would cause hazard though if they’re able to rip it up with their teeth or claws.

    1. It is a really good product for Guinea Pigs and yes you could say it is a bit like a cat tower. 

      I wouldn’t feel comfortable using hot glue to provide grip up the ramp, just in case they don’t start nibbling at the strips. It seems to be easier for them, when it is one whole piece of material like a towel to go up the ramp. 

  5. This looks so amazing for our 2 future pigs, they will be so comfortable in this castle.

    Something tells me that they will be very spoiled, but is that bad?

    Everything about it is so cute, you agree with me?

    Thanks for this review, I will show it too my wife and be sure we will check it out!

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