Guinea Pig Cage Set Up

Guinea pigs coming out
Photo by manseok on Pixabay

Depending on what type of home you get for your guinea pigs, it’s a good idea to set it all up completely before they come home with you. The layout needs to allow plenty of space for them to move about and get to things easily, like the water bottle. Depending on what set up it is, will determine how you lay everything out.


So once you decide and place whatever bedding down, it’s then sorting the items out. If it’s a single or double tier hutch and what size they are, then it will be obviously different with placing items. So the water bottles will be placed on the bars. Make sure they are not too high up and there is enough space for them to get to. Provide one or two hideys, maybe place them in the corner. Because with a hutch there is a more enclosed area, this is a great hiding place, so you don’t and probably won’t be able to place any more than two hideys, depending on what size the hutch is. Allow space for food bowls to go, at the end, where you can reach to put them in. They will not need loads of toys, so just one or two will do. The hay will take up the most space, so maybe place in piles, if you have fleece or vetbed bedding.

C and c cages have a clearer space to put items around in. Because of where my guinea pigs are in my house, I would actually have this cage set up, if I was able to. Plastic cages are not going to have the same space as a hutch or c and c cage. With a shed or playhouse set up in the garden, well you got all the space in the world.

Having the right layout

It works well for the guinea pig in terms of having enough room for their own territories and not being cramped up together in a tiny cage. There is enough room so they can display their natural behaviour and can get to food and drink easily. You may have the right sized cage for however many guinea pigs you have, but if there are too many items, it will make it a miserable experience. We want them to have the best accommodation you can provide that will cater for all their daily needs and a cage packed to the brim will cause them injuries.

Hazardous objects

Please do not have any sharp objects inside their home. All items need to be animal friendly and specifically for guinea pigs to use. No items where paint is coming off when chewed or splinters. Make sure the hideys are big enough, so they can fit inside, some will allow two or more to go in.

This is my set up

First floor of guinea pigs hutch
Photo by Eden Kaye

So on top of the fleece at the bottom I have a fleece hidey in the corner, so there is space further down for a bigger pile of hay to go. The food bowls get placed down in the middle at the front by the bars and are taken out again, after they have finished the food. I have one ball toy that is again placed in a corner underneath the stairs. So I made sure to have enough space, so they can get to food and hay.

Second floor of guinea pigs hutch
Photo by Eden Kaye

Upstairs just has the hay, as having items up there will make it a tight squeeze because of the layout of the hutch. There is space again where they can rummage through the hay in both areas. The water bottles are then hooked up to the bars next to each other, but giving room, so they can go through the doorway. This is a bit of tight space, but they do adapt around it. So that’s an example of a set up in a double tier 5 by 2 foot hutch.


Thank you for reading, please leave a comment below and I would love to hear other peoples set ups. I will reply back as soon as possible.



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