Christmas for guinea pigs – What themed items can you buy?

Its Christmas guinea pig timeIts coming to that time of year where you may want to buy a few christmas presents for your guinea pigs. If you are mad as a hat about guinea pigs, then this list might be of interest to you. They include treats, toys and accessories.

Please note do not feed the treats in this list to a guinea pig with an upset stomach, as they are meant to be fed occasionally and it would make them feel even worse.

UEETEK Small Pet Animal Christmas Tunnel Toy Winter Warm Fleece Tube Hideout            

They will love running in and out of this tunnel, as well as it being a fantastic hiding place. This is a T shape tunnel as can be seen and is covered with fleece on the outside and wool on the inside. It will really make their home or playpen look christmassy, the snowflake design is simple but effective. Available to purchase in the States, click on title or image above.


HAYPIGS CAVY CANDY CANE – Tilting Tunnel – Xmas Edition!     

Get this candy themed tilting tunnel, perfect for them to run through and have some enjoyment. Made with safe materials and the cardboard is perfectly fine for them to chew. Diameter is 120mm, length 215mm and height of the whole product is 145mm. This will hopefully encourage more exercise and I love that it is not just a stationary tunnel.


Rosewood Naturals Christmas Treat Stocking for Small Animals

A lovely christmas stocking for your little loved ones, containing three treats and a gnaw toy. Includes all natural ingredients that can be seen by clicking on the title above. Just give to them occassionally, because they are treats and certain ingredients that are not meant to be fed on a regualr basis. So hang this little stocking up on christmas day, this is sure to be a great delight.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the list of christmas items for guinea pigs. Thank you and please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. 

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  1. They are soooo cute!!

    I think these little gifts are such a great way to buy for a friend or family member with a guinea pig. Win-win for all involved.

    Thank you so much for sharing the different ideas of what to buy guinea pigs. I like the Cavy candy cane the best!

    What pets do you have?


    1. Hello Mike, the HayPigs Cavy Candy Tunnel is a fantastic addition to their playpen. 

      I have the four Guinea Pigs and a Syrian Hamster called Henry 🙂

  2. Hi Eden, What fun to discover that there are some super fun things to gift any of my friends with guinea pigs. I don’t think there are very many places to find such unique gift for small furry friends. So sweet the little Christmas snuggle house and treats. Is there any way that they can be ordered for someone in the states? 

    1. The fleece T shape tunnel and the reindeer Christmas bed and house can be purchased in the states. The others would be a bit of money to spend on postage to the US. The HayPigs candy tilting tunnel is currently on the HayPigs website and postage to the rest of the world – US is $25. It just depends on whether one wants to pay that postage. 

  3. Guinea pigs are very cute pets. My son used to have them when he was a little. We fed them with grass and vegetables because these are plenty in my country. These are great collections of guinea pig Christmas items. It seems that guinea pigs as a pet are popular in the UK. I like the tunnel the most as their toy. They can play hide and seek.

  4. Hi Eden, this is great, I’ve been looking for something to bring my Guinea Pig’s cage to life for Christmas. With everything so orientated towards family at Christmas time, I think it’s important to make a special effort for our furry friends so they don’t get forgotten about.

    I particularly like the look of the T-Shaped tunnel! Mine loves to hide/sleep for hours.

    I hadn’t realised until now that their chewing interest wains with age. My own is almost five years old.

    Is that true with all Guinea Pigs?

    It’s so nice to be able to treat our pets to a Christmas as well !!

    1. It is nice to treat your furry friends, especially at Christmas time. It may depend on the Guinea Pigs character, how much they will chew at toys, but I have found with my two oldest who are coming up 3 next month, they are not that interested in chewing that much, even when a bit younger. 

  5. Hello there. Yet another great post. Question for you. Does the little house for them make them too hot in the Summer and warmer months? I noticed it is made out of cotton. What about when Guinea Pigs have a stomach issue? Is it safe to feed them these treats if that is the case? Guinea Pigs seem to also like it when you change their bedding often. How would you clean the bed when it gets dirty? Would you recommend the tilting tunnel in addition to a wheel or by itself? Guinea Pigs are very social animals and it would seem like toys would help out boredom if they do not have a partner and it also seems that they might need help acclimating to a new sleeping place. Thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you David. It is a good question, as in the summer, you need to vary the hiding places for them, so they do not get too hot. Mine have been fine using the little fleece houses in the warmer months, I think they may still be cool enough, because they are not made with thick layers of fleece/material. 

      You would definitely not feed the treats included in this list if they had a stomach issue. 

      In answer to your next question, it is important to keep items clean for Guinea Pigs and with the bed and house you can wash by hand and place into the washing machine. Using baby wipes if not too dirty, are great to keep fleece items clean for the next use. 

      The tilting tunnel can be placed in their pen with other stationary tunnels and hiding places. Guinea Pigs should not use a wheel like a hamster, because of how guinea pigs bodies are, they would seriously injure their spine and would not enjoy using it, they prefer to walk/run about in an open space. 

      They are not overly fussed about toys, but only ones that have tasty and natural ingredients and even then some will not use it for too long, does depend on the age and character of the guinea pig. Toys will not make up for a lonely guinea pig, they must live in pairs being social animals. Items like fleece houses will help them be comfortable and safe when they first go into their new home. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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