Burgess Marigold & Dandelion Hay Review – How good is it?

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Burgess is a company based in Yorkshire and I am reviewing one of the four types of different hay’s that they sell. The only bag sizes they do is 1kg. They are a well established brand that do many quality products for guinea pigs. The timothy hay marigold and dandelion is one that the guinea pigs will love, but it provides great benefits to in supporting a healthy immune system and preventing urinary tract infections. It smells pleasant like a garden full of spring flowers and most bags I have purchased have been of a consistent high quality. The stems are mostly hard which is great for their teeth and are green with some nice brown soft pieces included. There is no dust present as they extract this through a process but you might sometimes get in a few bags hay dust, but this is not a bad dust. The bags are easy to open if you want to quickly get the hay out and lasts a good length of time. Each bag on average will go on for 2 to 3 days because of the amount I use in a hutch for two piggies. The hay is compressed in the bag and expands once removed. Because of being just 1kg bags they are easier to carry and store more away.

As you can see from the packaging on the photo that it is reccomended by 92 per cent of vets, so this definetely gives you reassurance from professionals that this is top notch. I love that they have a feeding plan diagram on the bottom, which reminds and will teach new guinea pigs of following the right diet. They come across as company that cares and are trustworthy and it is great to support a british company in Burgess. The price is good value for the quality that you get and vet uk I found to sell them at the lowest price.

Nutritional details – take a look

  • Beneficial fibre – 63%
  • Crude fibre – 33%
  • Crude protein – 8%
  • Crude oils & fats – 1.8%
  • Crude ash – 7%

So as you can see from the list up above that it provides a great amount of overall fibre which is the number one component of a guinea pigs diet. It includes a lower protein and oils and fats percentage, so this will not cause bladder stones and them being overweight with the correct diet of course. Calcium is not present which they should have a low amount of.

They say that 100 per cent natural ingredients are used which you can tell from the nutritional details. The compostion is made up of 98 per cent timothy hay and 2 per cent of the dandelion and marigold mix. So you will find that each bag will contain either more of the second cut of hay or maybe sometimes the 3rd cut. The 2nd contains the seed heads that are very tasty for our freinds but does contain a bit less fibre then the 3rd which is a harder cut. Most guinea pigs will prefer the 2nd cut.

My conclusion

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

We know that this is a great hay to choose from, with so many available on the market. It will benefit your pets with their health and also benefit you as a owner to know that you’re providing the best care possible. Now let’s go through the ratings.

Appearance – 9 out of 10

Smell – 10 out of 10

Texture – 9 out of 10

Consistent quality – 9 out of 10

Overall rating – 9.5 out of 10

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  1. I used to have a guinea pig that was constantly getting sick from the hay we were using (he was allergic). I gave him to my brother but I will definitely let him know about this hay! Thank’s for sharing!

  2. I had no idea there was such a deeply involved market and environment for guinea pigs. Four different types of hay for them? That is amazing. I would have never guessed veterinarians review food for guinea pigs either.
    The world is changing so fast before my eyes. I’m sure there are many guinea pig owners out there that will benefit from your review. I have allergies to most living things so I am not a candidate.

    1. Yes there are so many different items you can purchase for guinea pigs. There is a great selection of hays on the market, which is important for guinea pigs to have that variety. Thank you Paul I hope this will help owners in choosing what to purchase.

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