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Hello and a very warm welcome to my website. I talk through the different hays you can feed your guinea pigs and where to buy them. Also other important topics included are on the vital care to provide them with throughout their lifetimes.

Looking after these wonderful creatures is fun, but we all need somewhere to go to that informs us at how to do this correctly. I have picked up so much knowledge about caring for these pets that I feel I can give this out to other people. This website will provide support and hopefully give you the answers to your questions.

When talking about hay, there are so many on the market today that it might be a bit overwhelming to people. Hay makes 90 per cent of a guinea pigs diet and without it they cannot function properly. It helps to wear their ever growing teeth down, keeps their digestive system moving in the right way and for mental stimulation as they love burrowing through it.

Pets and why guinea pigs

Throughout my life I have had quite a few different pets but by far owning guinea pigs now for a longer amount of time have been the best. They are intelligent and sweet creatures that make many sounds. Its so interesting learning about them including what to feed them.

My first pet was a cat but its not ended that well with them as they had to go back where they were purchased from. Goldfish have never lived as long as they should do. I do currently have a hamster that I have fared well with. Along with the Syrian hamster Henry there are four guinea pigs called Sophie, Charlotte, Butterscotch and Poppy.

Why I want to inform

There are so many interesting facts and information about these creatures that I want to talk about, from my own experiences. Also there can be so much choice with hay as mentioned that people can feel bogged down with it. Not everybody knows about what hays to feed, so it is satisfying to me to give some insight into this main topic. I get a great deal of warmth knowing I can help people with their furry friends, passing on what I have learnt.

Helping you- goals of the site

A go to site for knowing how to care for guinea pigs and what hay to feed them. Helping you, when you are in need. You have the reassurance of where to go to purchase products and hopefully learn about more hays, finding so many ones that you may have never heard of. I am always amazed that you can purchase hay from a lot of countries on the internet. If there are any questions please feel free to send me an email.

All the best,



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  1. What a great idea for a website! It’s so handy to have a one-stop-shop for someone to come to when needing knowledge or advice about Guinea pigs. I currently know nothing about them but I have 2 kids that have been hassling me to buy a couple lol. So I have bookmarked your site and now I have somewhere I can come back to when I need to read up all about how to take care of them. Thanks very much and I look forward to learning more.

    1. Hello Helen, Its great when I can help people on guinea pig care, its satisfying. I hope my website can help you out, when you get your 2 guinea pigs. All the best.

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